Cake Group

The Project:

Cake Group work closely with EE and were tasked with creating a charging tent for Glastonbury. This festival is the largest greenfield festival in the world, attracting upwards of 175,000 visitors. Glastonbury itself spans five days whereas the average phone lasts a day. Assuming all festival goers have one phone and need a charge every day, that’s 875,000 charges. EE planned on providing free charging for everyone (having taken over from sister company Orange). Previous years had seen many low cost solutions but resulted in many failures. When trying to charge this many phones and queues are across the field, port failures is not something which they could afford to encounter. A reliable charger needed be sourced: one that could withstand constant use.

Photographer: Ross Huggett

The Solution:

The Cake Group purchased fifty Cambrionix PowerPad 15C’s for EE to use in their Recharge Tents. Cambrionix products are rigorously tested in accordance to UL and CE standards and also undergo EMC testing. The PowerPad 15C was chosen to be used as this is a finished product, ready to ‘plug-and-play’ and is housed in fire retardant plastic. Each individual device is tested before it leaves the factory

In addition, a wide variety of devices needed charging. The Cambrionix PowerPad 15C is a truly universal device and uses the ‘Very Intelligent Charging’ protocol. This means that when a device is plugged in, it is profiled and will then receive the correct charge, as per the manufacturers specifications. Therefore, all devices are charged as fast as safely possible, decreasing the length of time a device needs to be plugged in.

EE were planning on using the chargers year after year so longevity was very important. Cambrionix ‘future-proofed’ the PowerPad 15C through user upgradeable firmware via a free app from the Cambrionix website. This ensures compatibility with new devices that are released onto the market.

Photographer: Paul Carless

The Result:

By using the PowerPad 15C, EE were able to provide fast, reliable charging via USB to the festival goers of Glastonbury. These chargers have stood the test of time and have been used multiple times now. This saved EE money as they have not had to replace the chargers each year. In addition, there have been a lot of new phones released since the PowerPad 15C’s were first used and through the free upgrades to the firmware, there have been no issues with devices not charging correctly. EE are now able to provide safe, efficient charging without the headache of constant testing to check the chargers are working correctly. This frees up staffs time and gives peace of mind.

Matt Ricard (Senior Project Manager at Cake Group) said: “The Cambrionix PowerPad 15C units have saved EE a lot of time and money. They work perfectly and still do a couple of years down the line. Being able to provide charging to festival goers has become more and more important and it’s wonderful that we can provide a truly universal solution which is both safe and efficient.”