Thundersync 16

ThunderSync16 uses ThunderBolt2 to provide 16x high-speed USB ports without bottlenecks and with full API compatibility. ThunderSync is the fastest way to program, charge and manage your USB devices.

Tech Spec


What it does:

ThunderSync16 uses an architecture which allows us to generate 16x 480Mbps USB ports from a single 20Gbps Thunderbolt port. What this means is lightning fast data transfer speeds from 16x high speed USB devices simultaneously.

This USB hub solution intelligently profiles any attached device and charges each one as per the manufacturer’s specification at up to 2.4amps to all 16 ports simultaneously. This ensures that every device charges safely and quickly.

This unit is compatible with our LiveViewer App, and our Cambrionix API for advanced board programming and automation.

If your project requires either the transfer of a lot of data or testing a large number of devices potentially with individual port control, power cycling of devices, to record/monitor power consumption (amps, charging time, total power consumed) or to obtain Vendor ID (VID), Product ID (PID), this the right Cambrionix product for you!

All of the above functionality can also be automated through our API to save time and add value to your solution.

Faster testing means your software or hardware solution can be released faster and engineers can achieve more testing in a shorter amount of time.

Each port on all of our ThunderSync16 units are tested before leaving the factory to maintain consistently high levels of quality and reliability.

All of our products are CE, FCC, Underwriters Laboratory (UL), WEEE and RoHS compliant.

Is it for you?

If you need to test a lot of devices or have large amounts of data to transfer, ThunderSync16 will make light work of this saving you time and money. From our internal testing we have transferred a 5GB file to 16 devices in only 4 minutes compared to over 40 minutes with a standard USB 2.0 hubs.

This unit is very popular for people looking to test Mobile Apps, software and hardware on Mobile device, wearables, camera, video and Virtual Reality (VR) testing.

Technical Specifications

Product Code:



Charge and sync

Number of Ports:


Power Supply:

320W internal power supply

Compatible Devices:

Any USB device

Charge per Port:


Control Interface:

Cambrionix API, terminal command session, SSH, minicom

Charging Method:

Cambrionix VIC - Very Intelligent Charging Protocol

Delivered as:


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