The U8S is an 8-port charge and sync (data) component that offers supreme flexibility. Transfer data and charge 8 devices, regardless of type, simultaneously via USB. Monitor and control those 8 ports via our API or our Live Viewer app.

Tech Spec

World's first user-upgradeable, truly universal USB-charging and data transfer component.


As each device is connected, the internal firmware ensures the correct charging profile is used, maintaining battery performance and extending battery life. The future proof design ensures that even if you upgrade or buy additional devices in the future, you'll always be able to charge and sync them (users can take advantage of the Cambrionix firmware updater application).

The Cambrionix U8S allows for total control of individual ports via the host computer and a terminal application or programming script if required, without the need for additional hardware. Port monitoring via a terminal application allows a real time view of all of the port states including the charging profile used, the current being consumed by each device, security status and unauthorised removal plus many other parameters. This total control over individual port function makes the U8S perfect for use in test labs, schools, retail and charging stations.

The U8S can also be linked to an LCD display, or LEDs, to provide visual indication of individual port and battery status. The charging status indication operates reliably no matter what devices are connected to the U8S, even if the connected devices are all from different manufacturers. The security feature can be used to trigger an external audible or visual alarm should devices be unplugged from the U8S once armed - this is a useful feature in scenarios where unauthorised device removal is a risk.

For the Cart / Case manufactures, like all products from Cambrionix, the U8S component accelerates your time to market in all charge / sync developments. The Low-cost and high performance of the U8S will help you expand your product portfolio into these new, and fast growing markets.

The U8S unit can be easily customised for unique use with an option to re-brand the firmware updater application and LCD text. The options available allow you to use an off-the-shelf product, and at the same time, offer a product designed to meet the individual needs of your clients and customers.

The image to the right shows the U8S-ext variant which allows the use of an external, 100W 12V laptop-style PSU.

Compatible with LED and LCD front panel displays. Contact Cambrionix for reference designs.

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