5 reasons why USB charging with a hub is the best solution

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USB charging plays a parts in our everyday lives. When your phone needs that all important charge most people reach for the trusty wall charger. It’s been around since…well, since things needed charging.

 But at Cambrionix we think that USB charging with a hub is better. The best, in fact. And here’s why…

 1. Smaller with USB charging hubs

There’s no question about it – the phone cable into a USB point will be much smaller than the 3 prong plug-into-the-wall equivalent, especially when multiplied by a number of devices! Also how many rooms have more than 4 plug sockets?

A clear win for USB charging hubs!

2. Neater with USB charging hubs

It’s easy to transport and you can even get just one small charging ‘hub’ that can charge up to 15 USB devices simultaneously. So all your gadgets will be charging in just one small area, rather than scattered across available plugs and extension leads all over your house or office. The ‘hub’ will make sure each device has the right amount of voltage flowing to it for optimum USB charging. Clever, huh?

USB Charging hub is neater

Using a USB hub to charge devices is a smaller and neater solution.

Another useful situation where USB charging comes into its own is when you’re somewhere with less than an ideal amount of sockets – a train, for example. You can just plug in your laptop and let your phone charge from that while you work.

3. What about wireless charging?

Wireless charging is another option when the need to charge your devices arises. Currently, however, the power efficiencies are much lower – resulting in an increased charging time. At most, wireless charging is 70% efficient and this loss of efficiency causes heat which is, really, just wasted electricity.

4. Allows for device management/monitoring

Want to manage all your devices from one central location? USB charging using a charge and sync device means that you can manage all plugged in devices over a network, performing security or OS updates from a central location without having to worry about physically moving each device to update it.  

5. Saves money on PAT testing with USB charging hubs

Fed up with PAT testing every single little thing? Well, if you charge via one central USB charging hub you won’t have to worry about having each of your wall chargers PAT tested. And as you’ll only need to have one charging ‘hub’ PAT tested you’ll save money as well!

Most people these days take their phone into work – which could potentially be a massive fire hazard. What’s to stop staff taking their bargain and potentially unsafe eBay power leads, plugging them into the wall and leaving them while they go out for lunch or back onto the shop floor? Definitely something worth thinking about if you run a business.

USB charging via a hub can save you time and can eliminate the potential hazards of wall charging – proving it really is the best charging solution for USB devices.