Apple Keynote – What we think is coming…

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With the first Keynote of 2016 coming on 21st March, we thought we’d make some predictions about what lies ahead for Apple enthusiasts.

A new iPad

Some sources are suggesting they will announce the launch of a new iPad Air – the iPad Air 3. With the iPad Air 2 launch back in October 2014, we think it’s highly likely that a new iPad Air will be hitting shops around the world in the near future – and it’s about time too. An apparent leaked picture of the new iPad shows a 9.7-inch screen, a rear-facing LED flash for taking photos in low light (about time, Apple, we say) and additional speakers so the audio will be more on a par with the iPad Pro.


Will Apple unveil a new iPad on March 21st?

Website DigiTimes has said that they think the new iPad will have a 4K display and up to 4GB of Ram – but we’re not sure how likely this is as they have been wrong on a few Apple predictions in the past.

Rumour has it that Apple have also been testing versions of the new iPad that will be compatible with the Apple Pencil.

A new 4-inch iPhone

The new iPhone, rumoured to be called the ‘iPhone 5se’, will apparently be a replacement for the iPhone 5s but, unlike the 5s, it will have softer curved edges like the iPhone 6. It is said that it will have a faster A9 processor, a M9 chip, better camera, more storage and an NFC chip for Apple Pay. It should also be able to take Live Photos. Unfortunately, 3D touch doesn’t seem very likely on this model although it should have Touch ID.

Come September, we think it’s likely that Apple’s smartphone line-up will consist of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6 and 6s (both normal and plus models) and the iPhone 5se.

 A new Apple watch?

Much speculation has been made as to what Apple will do next with their watch. It was rumoured that Apple would launch the Apple Watch 2 around this time but it is looking increasingly likely that their current watch will probably only receive some small updates, such as new bands and possibly even a FaceTime camera.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch – Just updates or a new version announced?

We’d love to see a new watch – an entirely stand-alone device that could connect directly to a network without the need for a phone. But we’re not sure that this is particularly likely to be announced at this keynote and think this will probably happen later in the year.

After a busy year in 2015, launching the 12 inch MacBook, Apple Pro, Apple Pay, Apple Music, Beats 1, the iPad Pro and the long awaited Apple Watch. We’re excited to see what 2016 holds for Apple and are eagerly awaiting the first keynote of the year to see if there are any surprises.