Gratnells Powering Into 2016 With Their New PowerTray And PowerTrolley

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An interview with Alan von Siegert (Product Manager from Gratnells) about BETT 2016.

1. What new products did you launch at BETT?

We’re really excited to have launched our PowerTray and PowerTrolley ranges!  The PowerTray can charge and sync up to ten USB devices at their optimum rate.  It is available in two tray depths, optimizing space utilisation.  It is based on the iconic Gratnells tray shape and so fit into most racks and current school furniture.  The PowerTrolley can store up to 30 USB devices, fitting either two extra deep PowerTrays (F25) or three deep ones (F2).

2. Which product got the most interest?

By far the PowerTray and the PowerTrolley, we were taken aback by all the interest we have had.

3. What is your best seller at the moment?

Most definitely our trays – we sell over three million a year worldwide, we are the leading supplier of school storage solutions.


4. How did you find the show?

I had a great time in the show, especially since it was my first BETT show. It was great to meet so many like-minded people passionate about education.

5. What was your favourite thing you saw at the show?

So many to mention! However a few that come to mind are the pi-top and the BBC micro:bit.

6. What piece of technology could you not live without?

My phone (iPhone 6S).

7. What predictions do you have for technology in the coming year?

The iPhone 7 is rumoured to come without an auxiliary port for headphones so I think that we’ll see an increase in Bluetooth headphones.  In addition, I think there will be a greater push to achieve a 1:1 deployment of tablets in schools.  USB Type-C is still in its infancy so I think that over 2016, this will come to more devices and be far more popular than it is currently.