LapCabby Launch A Trio Of New Charge And Sync Products

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An interview with Lynsey Jenkins (Global Marketing Director from LapCabby) about BETT 2016.

1. What new products did you launch at BETT?

This year is a busy one for us at BETT!  We’re launching three new products: the UniCabby, Locka and GoCabby Mini.  The UniCabby has been designed to be truly universal.  The technology inside is intelligent and universal and the trolley itself is able to store and simultaneously charge up to 32 devices.  These devices can all be different because regardless of brand or size, they will fit and be charged correctly.  Locka is an innovative static storage and syncing unit.  This means you can have a central hub for any devices where you can securely charge and store them.  The GoCabby Mini features a removable Boost+ (which can be used anywhere to charge and sync up to 16 devices) and removable baskets enabling easy deployment of devices.

2. Which product got the most interest?

All the new products got lots of interest  – however I think the Locka was the star of the show.

Funnily enough Locka was also the key product of interest at CETPA in California in December – so it feels like Locka is the one to watch is 2016

3. What is your best seller at the moment?

Our product ranges and best sellers differ from Country to Country and as we are operating in over 44 Countries the answer to this can always seem skewed. In the UK our LapCabby range remains consistently in demand!


4. How did you find the show?

We have been coming to BETT for many years and this year was most certainly our biggest and busiest yet. As well as showcasing our products, its always great to meet our existing clients and Partners and talk to them about how they are using our products. We also ran a survey at the show this year to gather some industry insight – so watch out for the report soon.

5. What was your favourite thing you saw at the show?

What I love about BETT, more than any single product, is the enthusiasm and passion of the attendees. They are all genuinely passionate about Education Technology, learning  and best practice.

6. What piece of technology could you not live without?

Unoriginal, I’m afraid – My iPhone. Although I am now pretty addicted to counting steps with my FitBit and competing with my LapCabby colleagues on daily achievements 😉

7. What predictions do you have for technology in the coming year?

I feel the movement to the cloud will continue to grow as complexities and concerns around the safety are being reduced and answered…  I also feel that there is a real sense that no matter the technology being adopted (in Education, in the UK) there must be more of a correlation between technology integration and the learning outcomes and benefits of such technology. We all appreciate technology is ground-breaking, however its significance, in relation to facilitating learning,  will only be accelerated by accepting that not all technology is valid in the classroom and we must embrace the right technology to equip our students with the right skills for the future.


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