Cambrionix & JetPack IFE make iPad-based IFE a reality

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Cambrionix & JetPack IFE make iPad-based In-flight entertainment a reality.

Monday 21st August 2017, Cambridge, UK: 

Cambrionix today announced their partnership with JetPack IFE to create hardware solutions relevant to the in-flight, iPad-based entertainment software solutions which JetPack IFE provide.

Airlines which deploy iPad-based IFE need to be able to charge and transfer data to and from iPads between each flight and wipe any customer specific data, such as web browsing history, from the iPad securely. This can pose a significant problem with traditional hardware and software which can be slow and insecure.

JetPack IFE produce efficient and secure software for managing the transfer of pre-release media for the purposes of IFE, and Cambrionix, with their ThunderSync product, has solved the problem of slow hardware for media transfer and charging. The Cambrionix ThunderSync product provides high speed, intelligent charging for the Apple iPad and super-fast data transfer using an Apple Thunderbolt host interface. This equates to an increase in media transfer speed of more than 1,000% vs similar USB based products.

A Thunderbolt vs USB speed comparison can be found here:

iPad-based entertainment is suitable for a number of travel and hospitality applications such as:

  • Small aircraft which have no centralised IFE.
  • Medium sized aircraft operators who wish to upgrade their legacy IFE.
  • Long distance rail operators.
  • Coach operators.

The benefits of iPad based IFE/entertainment are:

  • Minimal infrastructure requirements imposed upon the aircraft operators.
  • Lightweight system at around 750 grams per passenger.
  • Low cost of entry vs seat-back IFE upgrade.
  • Additional revenue stream for aircraft operators.

More information regarding ThunderSync can be found at or by contacting and information about JetPack IFE can be found at or by contacting

About Cambrionix:

Cambrionix Ltd is based in St Johns Innovation Centre, Cambridge, UK. They specialise in the design and manufacture of large scale mobile device management hardware and software solutions and have a client list which covers the worlds largest mobile device ODMs. Cambrionix operate within the IT sector.

About JetPack IFE:

JetPack IFE are based in London, UK. They design turnkey systems for the deployment of Apple iPads as in-flight entertainment appliances and have clients worldwide. JetPack IFE operate within the Aerospace sector.