How to test 64 USB devices as quickly as possible!

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Test your USB devices 42 x faster!

Following on from our last post on how to test 64 high powered USB devices remotely we decided to change the goalposts!

How does this change when faster testing is required or the test involves a lot of data, maybe even full OS restores?

In short its changes by quite a lot! Lets take a look at out third test scenario:

Test Option #3

2.4Amp target devices – power hungry devices such as large screen tablets.

Port control and monitoring is required and data transfer speed is of the highest priority or there is a lot of data to transfer.

In this case devices do not need to be shared over a network.


ThunderSync16 is by far the best and only solution for this scenario!

The Cambrionix ThunderSync16 is currently the worlds fastest USB ‘hub’ (this term is particularly loose when referring to ThunderSync16!).

This unit offers compatibility with our API for control and monitoring, provides 12W per port and extremely fast data transfer speeds!

ThunderSync16 allows you to connect your USB devices to a host computer via the Thunderbolt interface which runs at 20 Gbits.

To put this into perspective, USB2.0 (which is what your phone and tablet uses) runs at 480Mbps so Thunderbolt is just under 42 (yep, forty-two) times quicker than USB2.0!

ThunderSync16 - The Worlds fastest USB Hub to test devices!

ThunderSync16 – The Worlds fastest USB Hub and the perfect solution for testing lots of devices as fast as physically possible!

If you are the kind of engineer who needs to transfer lots of data onto devices quickly, and a number of times per day for testing then this should be a part of your test environment.

You can save yourself a lot of time, money and not to mention impress the boss on many levels!

This is one of the primary reasons why our ThunderSync16 product is gaining so much traction within large corporations.

Is my testing 42x quicker?

Ok, that all sounds great but does this really mean your data transfers and testing will be 42x quicker?

On paper, yes but in reality there are so many factors which affect the data transfer speed.

This includes the host computer, the host computer hard-disk or SSD performance, the performance of the target device and many more factors.

In our testing we have been regularly achieving more than a x10 increase in speed vs using ‘standard’ hubs and tablet devices.

We also have experienced more than a x15 increase when using USB storage devices such as flash drives and solid state disks.

Great, but I need 64 ports!

That’s fine, you can daisy chain ThunderSync16 products using Thunderbolt cables or use a host which offers more Thunderbolt ports and connect them directly.


Every test scenario is different but sometimes its easy to keep using the same test hardware to address this scenario with no gains in speed, functionality or cost-saving.

We challenge this approach and welcome discussion with you to streamline USB device testing hardware – just get in touch for a chat!

All of the software QA companies and mobile device testing labs around the world we work with have the same issue – Time.

They all have a finite resource, an expanding product base, ever more complicated (and sizeable!) firmware/software builds to test.

This puts pressure on various parts of the value chain.

But don’t worry as Cambrionix can help!

Contact Cambrionix to discuss your testing requirements!