How to test 64 USB devices over a network

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In part two of 4 ways to survive in a testing environment we looked at how you can locally test 64 low powered devices simultaneously – The Syncpad54 was the obvious choice here, but how does this change if we need to test higher powered devices over a network?

Lets take a look…

Testing Option #2

So the testing set up would certainly change if you needed to test 2.1Amp target devices (power hungry devices like phones and tablets)

Most of the clients we help in this scenario also tend to require individual port control and the monitoring of each port.

Data transfer speed isn’t the highest priority but the requirement of reliability of the USB hub is important.

Devices need to be shared over a network for greater access and scaling the testing, this is now becoming an increasingly common test environment.

Some manufacturers like to share prototype devices over different offices in geographically different areas to allow 24/7 testing without the need to manufacture a large amount of prototype units.

Test Solution

Our EtherSync product can power 8 ports at 2.1Amps per port (simultaneously!), it allows for port control and monitoring and has the added functionality of network sharing.

Now, 8 ports certainly isn’t the 64 we require so how do we build this system to allow this many devices? In a word, easily!

EtherSync has 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports on the back which are for exactly this purpose.

Simply daisy-chain, using CAT6 Ethernet patch cables between the EtherSync Ethernet ports.

Cambrionix 8 Port EtherSync charge and sync hub - Perfect to test devices remotely

Cambrionix EtherSync is the ideal solution to test and access any USB devices from a remote location.

Once you’ve got our software installed on your host computers you can allocate EtherSync devices to you and communicate with the EtherSync-connected USB devices as if they were on your desk.

Also, for test automation purposes we offer our Cambrionix API which allows you some level of control and will be available for EtherSync later this year.

Hopefully this provides you with a better idea of how you can reliably test 64 (or more!) power hungry devices like mobile phones and tablets remotely.

Please leave your questions in the comments box below or send us you test requirements!

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