Thunderbolt 3 helps SQA and reverse logistics companies do more, faster.

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Our TS16-RM-TB3-USB3 product (lets call it ThunderSync3) is now scheduled for release in Q3 2018 but has been sampled to key customers for some time now and is getting some amazing feedback.

ThunderSync3 offers data speeds of up to 40Gbps which is the fastest possible host interface speed available right now! It also offers 16x downstream USB3.0 ports, 12W universal charging and, of course, our API for automation scripting, monitoring and control of your USB ports.

“To give you an idea of just how quick this is, a standard USB connection such as that found on most iOS/Android mobile devices runs at 480Mbps, Thunderbolt 3 runs at 40Gbps which is 83x times faster. To add another angle to this, you can hook-up many ThunderSync3 units, with 16 USB devices connected to each, to a Thunderbolt 3 host computer and barely notice any bandwidth throttling.”

We have sampled the ThunderSync3 to reverse-logistics companies, companies who have large SQA departments and companies who provide device provisioning/setup/erase. All companies who have sampled ThunderSync3 are impressed and intend to purchase additional units to support their operations. Put simply, they can do much more in much less time and with less IT infrastructure.

We are currently accepting pre-orders for our first production batch which is due to drop in Q3 2018 so send us an email to if you would like us to save you one!

1U 19″ Rack Mounted Thunderbolt 3 to USB3 Bridge