ThunderSync16 – Increase productivity by 1,500%!

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So, how can you work smarter, faster and improve productivity by 1,500%? It’s a very good question and Cambrionix are pleased to announce that we have come up with the answer – ThunderSync16!

Thunderbolt Technology

As technology continues to rapidly advance, Cambrionix’s mission is to innovate and excel by developing new products to using the very latest technology. Thunderbolt technology allows for much faster data transfer speeds and we are utilising this fantastic technology in our ThunderSync16 product, due for release soon!

Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II

ThunderSync16 – Process data 16 x faster!

If you are working in an environment that requires large amounts of data throughput, or you need to be able to connect a large number of devices to a single host computer without reducing data transfer speed, ThunderSync16 gives you that ability. Perfect for mobile device OEMs, phone re-marketing companies, software and hardware test labs, open device labs, IT outsourcing companies, 4k video content and VR specialists.

• ThunderSync16 operates at up to 20Gbits per second and provides 16 x 480Mbits per second High-Speed USB2.0 ports!
• Compared to a conventional 16 x Port USB2.0 hub, ThunderSync16 is up to 16 x faster!
• Configure, deploy, test, update or sync your devices 16 x faster than with any other product. Save money, save time, increase productivity.

Cambrionix API – For advanced programming

For the more technical users we have a Mac, Windows and Linux API (Application Programming Interface) enabling you to develop your own scripts for testing procedures and monitoring. It also offers individual USB port control allowing you to change the status of each individual USB port using your own script via our Cambrionix API.

Cambrionix ThunderSync16

This unit intelligently supplies up to 2.4 Amps (12W) to each USB port, allowing your devices to charge at the fastest possible rate which is essential for today’s power hungry devices. Utilising Cambrionix’s proprietary ‘Very Intelligent Charging’ protocol it will also work with any USB chargeable device on the market today and can be configured to charge future devices easily.

Whatever task you are responsible for, make sure you do it 16 x faster with the ThunderSync16 from Cambrionix….Your boss will thank you!

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