Case Studies

RAF Brize Norton

RAF Brize Norton crest and logo

“As an IT department providing essential support to the Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit, we need to ensure our speed and efficiency is to the highest standard whilst maintaining reliability. Incorporating Cambrionix PowerPad 15S has significantly helped us achieve this.”

– Gareth Smith – Information Manager for JADTEU

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“I swallowed. My fingers trembling with excitement (yes, I really should get out more often) I plugged the OTG port of a HiKey board into the hub, along with the USB serial. I then noticed a command that allowed me to look at the status of all the ports in real time… I typed it in. Bingo. It showed that all the ports were in “sync” mode, with a realtime display of their current draw. This was getting better by the minute.”

– Dave Piggot – Linaro LAVA Lab Lead

Sebert Wood Primary School

Sebert wood logo

“Having this PowerPad charge & sync unit is a breakthrough for us in the way we can now update & synchronise our educational apps. Of course, WiFi can only do so much, and I dreaded the thought of multiple extension sockets to keep the iPads charged. This solution has made a positive impact in the way we charge safely and manage our devices.”

– Peter Dewhurst – Headteacher of Sebert Wood Primary School

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Cake Group (for EE at Glastonbury)

“The Cambrionix PowerPad 15C units have saved EE a lot of time and money. They work perfectly and still do a couple of years down the line. Being able to provide charging to festival goers has become more and more important and it’s wonderful that we can provide a truly universal solution which is both safe and efficient.”

– Matt Ricard – Senior Project Manager at Cake Group

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“The PP15S has proved to be a valuable asset and has greatly improved the stability of our automated hardware connection tests.”

“Support from Cambrionix has been outstanding.”

– Eugene Pearson – Test Automation Lead at Serato

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