RAF Brize Norton

The Project:

Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit (JADTEU) are based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. The primary role of JADTEU is to conduct operational trials and evaluation to develop the delivery by air of manpower, machines and material. In addition, it provides advice/recommendations to MOD sponsors, other government departments, civilian industry and foreign governments on all air transport matters.

JADTEU Training Section delivers courses involving a high degree of classroom theory and coursework besides the obvious physical and practical training. JADTEU have rolled out a mass deployment of iPads that provide efficient educational learning that is essential to them.

Due to the nature of JADTEU’s operations the problem that the department faced was difficulty keeping all 40 plus iPads charged safely, and more importantly, synchronising the data with updates for the installed coursework and apps. Charging and syncing one iPad at a time was extremely time consuming and frustrating.

Staff using PowerPad15S

The Solution:

JADTEU iPad’s are in constant use and therefore require quality, reliable charging and synchronising.

The internal firmware inside the PowerPad15S automatically knows what device is connected and delivers the exact charging profile designed by the manufacturer – this is called ‘intelligent charging’.

Unlike other charge & sync devices, the PowerPad 15S can charge & synchronise 15 iPads simultaneously without any decrease in charging performance.

PowerPad15S charging and syncing iPad

The Result:

By incorporating the PowerPad 15S into the department JADTEU have massively reduced the time it takes to synchronise all those iPads. Instead of charging the iPads with a multitude of extension leads, they are now charged from the PowerPad which reduces health and safety risks in the limited space of their offices.

The Unit has been delighted with the results of its ability to charge and sync in multiples. They’ve already started to reap the benefits in time and efficiency.

Gareth Smith – Information Manager for JADTEU, said: “As an IT department providing essential support to the Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit, we need to ensure our speed and efficiency is to the highest standard whilst maintaining reliability. Incorporating Cambrionix PowerPad 15S has significantly helped us achieve this.”

JADTEU training section using iPads