Sebert Wood Primary School

The Project:

Sebert Wood Primary School is based in Bury St Edmunds. The school use over 40 iPads in their classrooms. These iPads are used for a wide range of teaching applications for the children. The teaching of phonics in Early Years and Key Stage One is particularly well supported through the use of apps on the iPad.

Using multiple devices, the issue soon arose of how to manage them all and keep them fully charged. Being a school, they needed to ensure that the charging method was safe and would be robust enough to be used every day. In addition, it is a necessity to push data to the devices such as lesson material. Unfortunately, updating the iPads was a laborious task, involving visiting each iPad and plugging each one individually into a laptop. This is a very labour intensive process taking up a lot of staff time.

Children at Sebert Wood Primary School enjoying using the iPads.

The Solution:

The iPads at Sebert Wood Primary School are used every day and so need charging every night to ensure that they are usable in class the next day. The Cambrionix PowerPad 15S (PP15S) enables simultaneous charging and syncing. This means that the iPads can be plugged into the PP15S at the end of the day, any updates can be initiated and they can be left to finish syncing and charging overnight. Where the iPads have replaced outdated laptops, the school are looking to convert the old laptop charging trolley into a secure, movable case for the iPads where they can be housed securely while charging and syncing.


The Result:

Having the PP15S enables the school to react quickly to changes in lesson plans should any updates or new apps be needed on the iPads.

As and when decisions are made to procure more tablets for the school, the PP15S is ‘future proof’ in the way that the internal firmware can be updated with a simple download. This unique feature allows any new generation of devices that may come on to the market to be charged and synchronised via USB with the PP15S.

The PP15S will also save school staff a lot of time instead of trying to find enough plug sockets to charge all of the iPads and trying to update the data one tablet at a time. There will also be a reduction in the number of plugs and wires needed which reduces potential trip hazards. Now, the devices can be charged in one central location using one electrical socket. Health & Safety is paramount and this helps reduce the risk when there are so many active children running around.

Peter Dewhurst (Head teacher at Sebert Wood Primary School) said: “The staff and I at the school work very hard to maintain our ‘Ofsted outstanding achievement’ and the use of technology in education is a vital part of that. Having this PowerPad charge & sync unit is a breakthrough for us in the way we can now update & synchronise our educational apps.

“Of course, WiFi can only do so much, and I dreaded the thought of multiple extension sockets to keep the iPads charged. This solution has made a positive impact in the way we charge safely and manage our devices.”

iPads in use in class