Cambrionix Universal Charger API

Cambrionix provides an Application Programming Interface (API) for developers who wish to control, or retrieve information from, Cambrionix Universal Chargers programmatically. Support is available for GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh computers.

For all our customers who wish to write their own software to meet their particular needs, we hope that this will make your lives easier.

The API consists of a service module or daemon that is loaded on the host computer. The service module is accessed via JSON-RPC calls over a TCP/IP socket. Cambrionix provides sample Python code complete with the necessary JSON library code to be able to make the necessary calls for controlling Cambrionix Universal Chargers that are connected to the host computer.

It is of course possible to access the API from any programming environment that has support for making JSON-RPC calls over a TCP/IP socket.

In the unfortunate event of finding a bug, we would very much appreciate your feedback on

Supported products

The Cambrionix API supports our Universal series of chargers. The Universal series of chargers can all be updated with firmware updates. The Cambrionix API is written in such a way as to be able to support all our Universal chargers as it can configure itself from the information provided by the charger itself. This does mean that the Cambrionix API does not need to be updated in order to support new products when they share the same feature set as our existing chargers. This can mean that your new charger will be supported by the Cambrionix API even if it is not mentioned in the accompanying documentation. We do aim to always support all of our released Universal series chargers by the latest release of the API.

Cambrionix Universal Charger API Download

Cambrionix Universal Charger API User Guide Download

GNU/Linux dependencies

The following packages are needed to be installed to run the daemon on Ubuntu 14.04, please adapt the list for the distribution that you are using as the specific names may be different.

  • libc6:i386

  • libglib2.0-0:i386

  • libicu52:i386

  • libncurses5:i386

  • libstdc++6:i386

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