ChaSync+ (Simultaneous Charging and Sync App)

Our latest release of firmware for our range of universal charging products added the ability to enable charging in sync mode for compatible devices. These compatible devices include many smart devices released in recent years such as the Google Nexus devices, Apple products with Lightning connectors and many others. This means that for compatible devices you no longer have to choose and switch between charging mode and sync mode, as these devices will be able to charge and synchronise their data simultaneously. This minimises the complexity of operation while reducing the time a device has to be attached to a cable.

The benefits of this new app, which we have lovingly called ‘ChaSync+’, is that end users no longer are required to remember to remove a host connection after a sync task or press a button to change modes. Just sync and forget!

However, Apple devices with the older 30-Pin connectors are not able to make use of this feature due to Apple hardware differences.

This is where our new Mac app for OS X comes in. This app is downloadable from our website for all Cambrionix customers, free of charge. The app will sit in the background on the Mac and wait for any of these older Apple devices to be attached to a port of a Cambrionix universal charging product. When an Apple device is detected the app will enable charging in sync mode for that device. This brings the benefits of being able to charge and synchronise data simultaneously to these older Apple devices while they are attached to a Cambrionix universal charging product.

The new app can be downloaded below and used immediately with the Cambrionix ‘U’ and ‘PP’ series products as well as any other Cambrionix product supporting universal charging. For support please contact

ChaSync+ Download

ChaSync+ App

ChaSync+ User Guide Download

ChaSync+ User Guide

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