Cambrionix EtherSync allows the remote use of USB devices by client computers via a network connection.

EtherSync Connector software is used to connect a client computer to USB devices attached to a Cambrionix EtherSync.

EtherSync Firmware is the code that runs on the EtherSync units themselves.

EtherSync Connector Software Download

Update history: NEWS

Windows download: EtherSync Connector 4.4.5

Mac download: EtherSync Connector_445.dmg

Please consult the EtherSync product page HERE to ensure that EtherSync is compatible with your host Operating System version.

64 bit Ubuntu 14.04: EtherSyncConnector_4.4.5.tgz

64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 command line: EtherSyncConnectorCLI_4.4.5.tgz

Please contact our technical support team if you would like EtherSync Connector for other Linux distributions or CPU architectures.

EtherSync Firmware Download

Update history: NEWS

Firmware download: EtherSync Firmware v2.19

Installation instructions: EtherSync Update Guide v2.19

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