Firmware Updater

The Cambrionix Updater Application is a revolutionary, free product from Cambrionix which allows the end user or OEM to update the firmware present on compatible Cambrionix products.

If Cambrionix develops an additional feature to a product or adds charging support for new tablet devices or cellphones, MP3 players, 3D glasses, medical devices, cameras, POS Terminals etc then the new firmware can be added very simply and quickly.

The Cambrionix Updater gives the end user the ability to stay one step ahead of technology and new devices, it also gives the OEMs a clear competitive advantage over their competition and the ability to add/suggest features themselves which can be incorporated into future firmware builds.

The Cambrionix Updater is suitable for any of our universal products. However, please contact tech support at for advice on updating EtherSync.

Cambrionix Updater Download

Windows updater: Cambrionix Updater 1.16.2-FW1.74

Mac updater: Cambrionix Updater 1.16.2-FW1.74.dmg

Cambrionix Updater User Guide Download

Windows user guide: Firmware Updater User Guide for Windows V1.2

Mac user guide: Firmware Updater User Guide for Mac V1.2

Cambrionix Firmware

The firmware without the updater application: U8-U16-firmware-v1.74

Email Alerts

To receive email alerts when a new version of Cambrionix software is released, please send a blank email to


The latest firmware is packaged up within the updater applications above. If you require an earlier firmware version, or have had custom firmware designed by Cambrionix, please get in touch through your normal support channels.

Please ensure you read the memo below to understand what has changed within the firmware and whether it affects you.

The current firmware version is: v1.74

Release notes: New FW release memo v1.74