LiveViewer App

The LiveViewer app is user friendly and the additional functionality which is provided free of charge, helps demonstrate the benefits of our patented technology.

The app allows you to keep an eye on the current status of your Cambrionix charger. You can see for each port if there’s currently a device attached and how much energy it is using. You can also configure the ports to either Sync or Charge mode, or switch them off.

The app will also work with Cambrionix EtherSync units allowing you to remotely view and control the charging parameters of each USB port individually.

LiveViewer Download

Windows download: LiveViewer App for Windows 0.9.3

Mac download: Live Viewer App for Mac 0.9.3

LiveViewer User Guide Download

Windows user guide: LiveViewer User Guide Windows

Mac user guide: LiveViewer User Guide Mac

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