International Trade

Cambrionix is an established international brand, shipping tens of thousands of units every year worldwide. This is reflected in the ‘Powered by Cambrionix’ branding being supported by some of the world’s largest tablet management cart and case OEMs. End users also know that they can rely on products which are using our technology, which is why so many OEMs include the ‘Powered by Cambrionix’ branding openly on their products.

From a technical perspective, the USB interface through which Cambrionix products connect to devices is universal worldwide. The mains voltage connections used to power the products vary for each country, and Cambrionix has integrated components that can be used and are approved for worldwide use. Furthermore, where appropriate, Cambrionix products can be supplied with the correct plug type for the destination country upon request.

Customer Support

With staff in Global Distribution, Cambrionix is dedicated to delivering any goods purchased in a timely manner.

All technical enquiries enter a fully logged support tracking system. We design all of our products and components in-house and it is these engineers who respond to any query – who better to support a product than the people who designed it!

The first thing which our sales team will do after an international enquiry, is to gain an understanding of that market. This involves investigating how devices are being used, deployed and managed in that specific country. Once we have that information, then a dedicated account manager will gain an understanding of the business, how it fits into that market and what they’re trying to achieve. Modern technology allows our sales team to be flexible and easily contactable, for example scheduling calls out of our office hours in order to support and help customers. Furthermore, to really understand the international markets, we frequently visit international customers and trade exhibitions to gain a more rounded view as to what is happening in specific economies and markets.