Depocom Group

depocom – The strong partner for your IT projects.

Versatile – Professional – International

As a partner to your IT projects, the depocom group provides you with professional support in the implementation of your goals. Our team will work with you to develop appropriate solutions for your IT application from the workstation to the mainframe.

IT infrastructures and their use for companies are important for all industries, markets, products and services.

depocom provides companies with full support in aligning IT with their business objectives.

We believe it is our task to provide IT and innovation that will enable you to achieve a whole new level of efficiency, in coordination with the relevant processes, infrastructure and resources.

We also offer you the most favorable conditions for rental properties, leasing objects or investments for acquisition. Expenditures and expenses in the IT sector are directly linked to a business benefit. In terms of your productivity and ultimately the increase in the profitability of your company.

By the way: Since we have branch offices in Munich, Frankfurt and Wolfsburg in addition to the head office in Pinneberg, we can also offer our services regionally throughout Germany.