Your learning companion

Founded in 2004 by avant-garde teachers, Maskott offers today innovative digital solutions for the education, training, cultural and tourism sectors.


Ecosystem knowledge-associated to an innovative and strong R&D culture enables Maskott to create intuitive tools through a global approach based on your needs. Maskott is a learning marker.

R & D is at the heart of Maskott (web-platforms, applications and equipment), with a team of over 20 people to offer software solutions and equipment that fit your needs. The will to innovate is shown in the past few years by the appointment made by the French Ministry of Education and the Investment Commissary to create R&D projects at nation wide level (Tactileo, Tagtice). It was a great opportunity for Maskott to work closely with a diversity of partners, each one recognized by their expertise (The Atomic Energy Comissariat, The French Institute for Education, The Ecole Normal Superieur of Lyon, The National institute for Geographic and Forest Information, Auvergne University, among others).