Mobile Labs

World-class Appium support

A compatible, built-in Appium server and powerful scripting tools put you in the fast lane for creating, managing, and running Appium test cases.

Continuous app delivery

Automatically verify the mobile experience with every new version release – eliminating lengthy software updates and manual testing.

Choose the Cloud that fits the need

Whether on-premise on your secure LAN, or hosted in our secure data center, deviceConnect™ gives Agile and DevOps teams a private, dedicated, mobile device cloud – with instant, real-time access to real mobile devices and the full range of cloud development, testing, management and collaboration.


Seamlessly integrates with the industry’s most comprehensive list of open-source and commercial testing solutions, powering up existing scripts with the benefits of a device cloud.

Test on real devices

Manual and automated testing directly on real mobile devices – without jailbreaking or rooting – improving reliability and integrity.

Agile support

Developer support of Xcode for iOS and Android Studio, continuous integration, team collaboration from design through customer support, and the largest set of enabled automated testing tools powers mobile Agile development.