LiveViewer Application

Monitor and control Cambrionix products with our free application for Mac & Windows

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Monitor and control the USB ports and operation of your Cambrionix product with a simple to use, graphical interface which runs on Windows or Mac computers. LiveViewer is free of charge to Cambrionix customers and is available on our Downloads page.

LiveViewer allows you to view various parameters related to connected devices including over-current errors or non-attach events. This is only possible because Cambrionix products have USB ports which are isolated from each another meaning a fault on one USB port does not affect the other USB ports.

Switch USB power on and off to connected devices, monitor current consumption of each device, emulate charger connect and disconnect and much more, all through a simple interface. LiveViewer demonstrates a limited sub-set of features available with our API.

Cambrionix LiveViewer Application


  • Monitor device charging current to determine correct device charging.
  • Evaluation of some of the Cambrionix hardware features.
  • Bench testing systems.
  • Hardware debugging.
  • Remote switching of devices in a test environment.

Benefits & Features:

  • Free download via our downloads page.
  • Full control over each individual port.
  • Easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Switch USB power on and off to emulate USB cable insert/remove cycles.
  • Allows you to evaluate some of the features present in our API.
  • Power cycle devices remotely.
  • Monitor current/power consumption.
  • Evaluate charging time for devices.
  • Setup semi-automatic bench-test systems.

General description:

The LiveViewer App allows the user to switch the downstream USB ports, on supported Cambrionix products, into different states and monitor the current/power consumption of each port as well as other parameters listed below:

Time on charge: How long a device battery has been charging.

End time: The time that the device battery completed charging.

Port mode: Whether the port is in a charging state, a data transfer state or switched off.

Status: States whether there is a device connected to the port and if there are port errors.

Current: A measurement showing the current drawn by each port in milli-Amps.

Energy: A measurement showing the power consumption in Watt-Hours.

Temperature: The temperature of the Cambrionix product.

Time since power on: How long the Cambrionix product has been powered-up.

Voltage rails: Measurements showing the internal voltage levels within the Cambrionix product.

Total power: The total power consumption of the Cambrionix product (including any devices being charged).

Total current: As above but showing a current measurement.

The functionality of LiveViewer is useful in test environments where devices under test (DUT’s) may need to have their power cycled/switched/monitored in order to test products.

All of the features of LiveViewer are available to use programatically via our API (also available on our downloads page). Our API includes many more features than LiveViewer although LiveViewer is a great tool for monitoring and controlling USB ports on Cambrionix products.

LiveViewer is free, updated regularly and we welcome feature requests.

LiveViewer is available on our downloads page here.