Why Cambrionix?

We are a UK based design and manufacturing company focusing on developing the most advanced USB products for mobile device management.

We are the leaders in global device connectivity, offering innovative and reliable products to charge, transfer data, control and test any USB devices.

Reasons you should choose Cambrionix products…

Proven reliability in multiple markets, worldwide

We ship tens of thousands of units worldwide to educational and healthcare organisations, mobile testing companies, mobile manufacturers, police and retail sectors.

1st class support

Our internal support team aim to respond the same day for all technical enquiries. We use a fully logged support tracking system to ensure your query is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. As we design and manufacture our own USB products, who better to support you than the people who designed them!

UL listed products

We perform safety testing on our products as a whole, including the power supply. A 3rd party also prepares a full CE safety and EMC report, which we are happy to provide upon request. As a result all Cambrionix products are traceable online via the UL website.

UL listing – The complete product vs just the power supply 

We have safety testing performed all of our products combined, including the power supply. We believe for a system to be safe it needs to be tested as a whole system. There is added costs to us doing this but it provides 100% confidence in the safety of our products.

Charge ANY USB chargeable device

Our hardware runs an internal application (firmware) which we’ve developed in-house, allowing our units to be adapted to cater for any USB device – A truly universal product!

Full rate charging and syncing simultaneously – ChaSync

Power hungry devices can charge and sync at the same time with a Cambrionix hub. Our ChaSync app ensures that this happens seamlessly with all of our units and your devices. This technology is compatible with older devices too. Don’t be fooled into buying a low cost USB charger that will take a whole day to charge and update your devices!

Updateable firmware

New USB devices are appearing on the market each day and some of these use obscure or proprietary charging methods. With Cambrionix products you can keep ahead of the curve by regularly updating the firmware as we release it. Updating the firmware on a Cambrionix product takes seconds with our free Updater app.

Bespoke design and manufacture

If you have an idea for a USB based product or need to charge and sync devices as part of your project, please get in touch. We love to listen to ideas and can help you create a product which matches your requirements both on time and on budget. Our bespoke design service is a quick way to get years of experience and value added to your project and help you get to market with a product that can differentiate itself from the competition. Our specialities are within all flavours of USB including USB3.1 and Type-C as well as Ethernet and Thunderbolt.

Front panels LED and LCD displays 

We have front panel reference designs for our ‘U’ series components, which allows you to choose between either LED or LCD status indicators. These front panels can show usage instructions, charging status, data status as well as other info which can be configured by a terminal session or via our Cambrionix API.

Full scripting interface – Terminal session and API

Our API (Application Programming Interface) allows users to develop their own automation scripts to control/monitor the Cambrionix product. An API is essential when a user incorporates a Cambrionix product into a software or hardware test system and needs full control. You can also control and monitor Cambrionix products via terminal commands or our LiveViewer App.

LiveViewer App

Our ‘U’ and ‘PP’ series products allow you to view and control the state of each of the ports and connected devices via a terminal session. View the temperature, charging status, current of each device, Watt-hours and device charging time. You can also use LiveViewer to change port and device states with a single key-press.

Device protection

Our products provide unparalleled protection for your connected devices. Each product offers, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and a minimum of 8kV ESD protection. This protection is provided on each and every port ensuring that if one of your USB devices is faulty it will not damage the other devices or the Cambrionix USB hub. This protection, alongside our 3rd party safety testing, means you’ll be buying one of the most reliable and safe products on the market.

Trusted worldwide

The ‘Powered by Cambrionix’ branding is supported by some of the world’s largest tablet and mobile device management cart/case OEMs. End users know they can rely on products that use our technology, which is why so many OEMs include the ‘Powered by Cambrionix’ branding on their products.

Product testing

Our products, once released to market, have not only been tested rigorously for safety, they have been functionally tested over a long period of time. We test each and every product we make before shipment. Even before we get to the manufacturing stage we have an extensive in-house testing schedule involving large numbers of tablet devices in real-world scenarios. Only once we have tested real-world and ‘worst-case’ scenarios are we happy to release a product.


Cambrionix focusses solely on the design and manufacture of USB products for charging, data transfer and the management of mobile devices. It’s all we have done since our company was formed in 2007, it’s what we excel at and why we are leaders in mobile technology charging and connectivity.